“Lettuce Attraction: Welcome to the world of leaf vegetables”

What is “Lettuce Attraction: The world of leaf vegetables”?

Lettuce, the most consumed leaf vegetable in the world, is the star product of Fruit Attraction in 2017.  



The “LETTUCE ATTRACTION: The world of leaf vegetables”, conference will bring together producers, exporters, importers, retailers, researchers, seed companies, food processors, chefs and specialized journalists related to the world of lettuce and other leaf vegetables.

Spain, as the main European exporter and one of the world’s leading producers of lettuce in all its varieties, is hosting this event with renowned international speakers, who will provide valuable information that will help the participants to identify and understand the latest trends and challenges that the Sector will face in the near future, from the productive, economic, gastronomic and distribution side.

The conference is organized by PROEXPORT (Association of Producers Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables of the Region of Murcia) and its associated companies, in close cooperation with Fepex and Fruit Attraction.

The Queen of Salads

Lettuce has become the queen of salads because of its high water content (95% of its weight is water) and its low caloric content, which makes it the ideal food for a balanced diet.

The world consumes 25 million tons of lettuce a year of which Spain produces about one million. As the world’s leading lettuce exporter, in 2016 Spain exported a total of 743.130 tons of lettuce.

Of these, the majority have their origin in the Region of Murcia, from which 71% of Spanish lettuce (527.423 tons in 2016), followed by Almería (142.894 tons), Valencia (24.532 tons) and Alicante (14.528 tons). Together, they make up in the southeast of Spain the main producing area of ​​lettuce and leaf vegetables in Europe. .

Quality, food safety, guarantee of supply, respect for workers’ rights, specialization in production and research are the cornerstones of lettuce and leaf vegetables from the Southeast of Spain.

All this is the result of the analysis that the experts will address at the Lettuce Attraction conference.